Amoeba Teen Sign To US Label - Amoeba Teen
Kool Kat

Amoeba Teen Sign To US Label

British indie pop and alt country influenced band Amoeba Teen have sealed a record deal with New Jersey-based Kool Kat Musik that should result in their music reaching a wider audience.

Amoeba Teen guitarist and singer, Mark Britton explains: “Our American fanbase has grown rapidly over the last few months, so it made sense to for us to try and do more to get our music heard over there. Kool Kat Musik approached us after some favourable US reviews, and we were very impressed with their plans to raise our profile both there and beyond.”

“Kool Kat Musik has focused on the power pop and alternative country genres for over twenty years.  Amoeba Teen are a great fit for the label and should be well-received by our customers,” states Kool Kat Musik’s president Ray Gianchetti.

While there are no immediate plans for a tour across the pond, Amoeba Teen will be appearing again at this year’s International Pop Overthrow festival at The Cavern in Liverpool on Saturday 19 May. The global festival reaches much of the US but also takes a detour to the birthplace of the original British Invasion.

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