Amoeba Teen Self-Titled Album - Amoeba Teen
Amoeba Teen Self Titled Album


Amoeba Teen's 2022 self-titled album is a stunning post-pandemic sunrise, taking the band to new heights in songwriting, performance and production.

The band captured their live performance during the recording process, followed up layers of vocals, to create the perfect power pop recording.

"A hugely likeable collection of the kind of literate pop music that should by rights dominate the radio bands throughout the coming summer." - Louder Than War

"Highly Recommended and makes my top ten nominee list for 2022." - Powerpopaholic

"Sure to end up on numerous Ten Best lists." - Pop Geek Heaven

You can buy the CD direct from their label, Big Stir Records. 


  1. Mainstream
  2. Just Not That Into You
  3. New Material World
  4. A Good Reason Why
  5. January
  6. Barlight Crawl
  7. Melody Told You
  8. Monica Wake Up
  9. Putting the Kids Through College
  10. King of the Cut