Medium Wave - Amoeba Teen
Medium Wave by Amoeba Teen Kedrovka AMOEBA TEEN'S

single-mindedly Amoeba Teen's third album charts a band contemplating middle age, the middle class, and a comfortably numb life among middle Englanders. MEDIUM WAVE resurrects the band’s classic pop instincts, set in the midst of a mid-life crisis that challenges the genre’s lyrical formula to which power pop aficionados are accustomed. Like the album’s title, Amoeba Teen looks back longingly to a previous radio era, as they survey an inner and outer world in flux and old physical certainties giving way to digital 

You can buy the CD direct from their label, Big Stir Records. 


  1. Clementine
  2. Babycakes
  3. (Coming On) Stronger
  4. Like A Hit To The Head
  5. Wandering Bullets
  6. Half Time
  7. Suit And Tie
  8. Ship To Shore
  9. Hickory Hill
  10. Save